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LeafSpring School at Three Chopt


Happy Family

“We were very happy and impressed with rainbow station-yellow room from the day one and we still are. My 3 year old daughter had a very bad experience with her previous daycare, she always cried in a morning because she didn’t want to go to the daycare. From day one at rainbow, when we entered the yellow room, not only the teachers but her classmates greeted her and they all knew her name and they were excited to have her in their room. That day she came back with a smile on her face, no crying, no sad face at all. Day two came with another surprise! She succeeded to urinate in potty, which was totally her very first time urinating in potty. Everyday she learns new things from school and it’s all not forced learning. I like that the teachers are always smiling, have positive attitudes and they really are the true teachers of my child. My daughter learns by watching them and by mimicking them. Now she says good byes to not just her teachers and her classmates but also all the people she sees in school when leaving the school. I think she does that because she knows they’ll all greet her back. And they all do. When she has accidents they’ll take her to the get well place and have the nurse do the appropriate treatment and they can always explain us what had happened in every detail. We are very happy with the rainbow station


Potty Training Professionals

“My name is Linsey and my daughter is in the Yellow Room at Rainbow Station on Three Chopt Road. The search for a preschool was not an easy one and I had many fears about finding the right place for her. I toured many places, but the moment I stepped foot into Rainbow Station I know this is where she belonged. The staff was so warm and welcoming. I gained a sense of comfort while touring. The one thing I was hesitant about was the teachers confidence on getting my daughter potty trained. I was sure it would take longer than they were saying because she was showing no interest. But the reassured me it would only be a matter of days! They worked with her everyday and constantly communicated with me on her progress. They were confident in her and by the time I knew it she was potty trained! I can’t think her teachers enough! I have also noticed how much her curiosity and language has grown in the short time she has been at Rainbow Station. She is so happy to go to school (she event ask to go on the weekends:)) and loves being with her friends and teachers. I don’t think I can ever put into words how much I appreciate the staff at Rainbow Station…their love for children and education shows everyday! I am excited to see what my daughter’s future holds during her time there!

–Linsey Reynolds

Perfect for After School

“My son had been attending after school care at RBS since the spring. It has done wonders for him and helped me with my work schedule!!”

– DJ

Best 10 Years my son could have had

“We’re an “old” Rainbow Station family, but I became nostalgic and visited the website after extolling the program’s many virtues to a co-worker this morning. Was reminded how much my son so loved going to RS that he was a bit sad when he was too old to go any more, and how at 20 years old, his best friend is still someone he met on the playground at RS when he was 3. His experience with the preschool, private kindergarten and the Village prepared him better for school and life than I could have hoped! The teachers. administration and RS families are the best!

– KR

Camp Blue Sky is Awesome

“At the start of the camp, our 6y/o son was a nervous about coming to a new place. But on day 1, he was greeted with friendly kids and wonderful staff at the village. It\\\’s been 6 weeks since he started, and every day he is excited to be part of CBS. He has made new friends, having lots of fun and learning too! Thank you!

– Joy

Amazing and Impactful

“The work that you and your staff do is AMAZING and it’s IMPACTFUL….you are shaping their hearts and their minds and for that I could not be more grateful….”

– L.H. Three Chopt Parent

Doing Great

“We are really pleased with our experience at Rainbow Station so far and we feel like both of our kids are doing great in that environment.”

– G.A. Three Chopt Parent

A World Of Difference

“Since my son has moved to RS Three Chopt, it’s just been a world of difference.  His behavior, his excitement about his teachers and his school – these are so wonderful to see in him, and make me feel great about moving him there.

– K. W. Three Chopt Parent

I am so happy!

“I am so happy that he is at Rainbow Station, it’s such a warm and loving place.  I immediately saw a difference when I picked him up from school today. He seems to have had lots of loving attention.

– Y. A. Three Chopt Parent

It’s A Relief…

“It’s difficult for any parent to place the care of their child in another’s hands and when your child has special needs it’s a relief to have an established care facility with full time nursing staff.

–N.M. – Three Chopt Parent